"You and Me" by Scott Montgomery

An exhibition capturing the feelings of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Opens: March, 2023

Member Opening on March 16.

“You and Me” is a collection of work created by Scott Montgomery during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Montgomery’s work is based on portrait photography with elements of surrealism and escapism. This exhibition is meant to walk you through the pandemic playing on elements of darkness and light, the highs and lows of the world during those years.


Scott Montgomery Artist Statement:

Over the past few years, we as human beings have seen the world change. It has been dark, and then light, going back between the two for months, and now years on end. I always remember the old adage my parents used to say about how things will always get better. The work in this show represents these times. When you start the exhibit, it will be January 10, 2020 when the WHO announces the outbreak. As you enter further into the exhibit, the months go on and the pandemic begins. The world and its events changed forever. It all meant something different to us. It all affected us differently. As you progress further and deeper, the work gets a little darker as the world did. Once you reach the end and have to turn around to get out of this exhibit, the
work, and the world become a little brighter…a little easier to understand. “You and Me” stands for just that. Whether it is you and me in front of the camera, you and me on the streets giving a nod or you and me quietly sharing a glance of uncertainty. As you walk through these pieces of work, it represents you and me during the good and the bad.

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