STEAM Summer Camp

Summer 2023 Camps!

Summer Camps at Roberson give kids a way to engage in indoor and outdoor activities–keeping young minds sharp. These week-long camps are all led by a team of experienced educators who will foster your child’s passion for forensic science, wildlife, film, fitness, and much more!

We limit the number of campers to 15 per each camp to ensure a safe and personalized experience for your child. Registration opens February 2023.


Date & Time

June 26 – August 18, 2023, 9AM – 3PM

Before care (8 – 9AM) and after care (3 – 5PM) are offered at a fee of $100 per week.


Currently in, or going into, Grades 2 – 7


Price for an entire week is $200 for Roberson Members, and $245 for Not-Yet-Members. We’ve also added an option for parents to make $25 deposits and pay later. Deposits are non-refundable.


Summer 2023 Camps

Registration is open! We hope you can join us! 

Monday, June 26 – Friday, June 30

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Abrakadoodle Art (Grades 2 – 4)
    Explore a unique style of art each day including abstract art, scenic art, mosaics and sculptures. Campers will create their own works of art throughout the week using various mediums such as clay, paint, colored pencils, and more to be featured in a talent showcase at the end of the week.


Tuesday, July 3 – Friday, July 7 (Closed July 4th)

  • Creature Feature (Grades 2-4)
    Learn what makes each group of animals unique as you investigate animal adaptations. Make sure to bring your curiosity and a sense of wonder!
  • Fun with food (Grades 5-7)
    Ever wonder what makes a good cookie, good? Join us in the lab as we explore the science behind some of your camper’s favorite treats. Learn the difference between baking powder and baking soda, experiment with Kool-aid, use dry ice and much more!


Monday, July 10 – Friday, July 14

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Sensational Senses (Grades 2 – 4)
    Campers spend each day exploring one of our five senses. Learn the science behind our senses while taking part in fun hands-on activities. Campers will play a game where they are stripped of their ability to see colors, use only their sense of touch to create art, and test their ability to distinguish smells.
  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Dungeons & Dragons (Grades 5-7)
    D&D week gives campers an unparalleled chance to have your kids participate in a storytelling adventure. They will explore different  realms, go on quests, and make daring choices in a world brought to life by their own imaginations. Campers do not need prior knowledge of D&D to participate in this learning adventure!


Monday, July 17 – Friday, July 21

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Pirate Adventure (Grades 2-4)
    Have you ever wanted to become a pirate? Join the Pirate Adventures crew and enjoy picking out pirate names, playing pirate themed games and making crafts. Adventure awaits!
  • FULL – WAIT LIST ONLY Go Green Boot Camp (Grades 5-7)
    From designing their own windmill, to building water filtration systems, campers will spend this week learning how we can take better care of our planet. Use recycled materials to build tools, create art, and much more in this week of giving back to nature.


Monday, July 24 – Friday, July 28

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY No place Like Space (Grades 2-4)
    Up, up and away! In this week of camp, you will learn all about our galaxy and beyond. Create exoplanet inspired art, watch shows in our digital planetarium and design your own constellations!
  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Forensic Science (Grades 5-7)
    Can you crack the case? Campers will enter the museum to find that a crime has occurred in the mansion! They will spend the week exploring the world of forensic science as they conduct evidence analysis, such as gel electrophoresis, witness interrogation and fingerprinting to solve the mystery. At the conclusion of the camp, students will conduct a trial with a jury where they’ll attempt to prove their case using the evidence they have collected.  This camp has additional cost due to the advanced science component (Gel Electrophoresis).


Monday, July 31 – Friday, August 4 

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Icky, Sticky, and Weird (Grades 2-4)
    Join us as we explore all things bizarre in this thoroughly creepy and crawly week of science. Build insect mazes, explore the bodies’ strangest functions and make bubbling concoctions in this wacky week of camp perfect for the crazy scientist.
  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY  Recycled Art (Grades 5-7)
    This week is where creative campers can bring new life to everyday materials. You will create a variety of projects using recycled materials, as well as items found in nature. At the end of the week, students will host an art showcase to display their projects.


Monday, August 7 – Friday, August 11

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Mythological Creatures (Grades 2-4)
    Explore the mystery behind legends from world civilizations and pop culture. Research the background and analyze the “evidence” of various myths such as the loch ness monster, bigfoot, mermaids, the chupacabra, and more as you determine if these creatures are based on reality, or are simply urban legends.
  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Mythbusters (Grades 5-7)
    Can poprocks and soda really make your stomach explode? Can balloons lift a house off of the ground? This week, campers will spend their time formulating and running experiments to try and disprove some of the most common myths. 


Monday, August 14 – Friday, August 18

  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY  Outdoor Art (Grades 2-4)
    Art imitates nature, so we may as well dive into nature to make art! Splatter paint, experiment with sand, and explore all the mediums of art that are just too big and wild to be kept indoors.
  • FULL- WAIT LIST ONLY Time Travelers (Grades 5-7)
    Spend the week discovering various civilizations throughout history. Campers will encounter new time periods each day, partaking in hands-on activities as they translate and create Morse code messages, make a prehistoric fossil, and explore the myths of Ancient Greece.

Support provided by the general operations support grants from the United Cultural Fund, a program of the Broome County Arts Council; the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation; the Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Program, administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreational, and Historical Preservation; and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.